4 bedroom flat - Willowbank Quarter

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Otago, Dunedin, Dunedin North

NZD 570 per week
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Justin Gardner
Justin Gardner
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Date created: 15/09/2017 22:00
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NZD 570 per week

To be renovated 4 bedroom flat, lease from 1 Feb to 31 Dec - $570 per week.

This 4 bedroom semi furnished flat which is located within Willowbank Quarter and will be repainted, with new carpet, new lino, replacerment ceiling and modern lighting.

This flat will provide queen sized beds, built in desk and wardrobe and drawers, whiteware (washer / drier, fridge ./ freezer, deep freeze, Microwave, stove, kictehn table, TV Cabinet and coffee table, heat pump and pantry cupboards. Rubbish and recycling is managed on site.

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Dunedin's Botanical Gardens Garden's New World Marsh Study centre 10 mins walk from campus Willowbank Dairy
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